Astrology Remedies for Blood Pressure

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The symptoms of blood pressure are dullness, pain in neck or head, increasing hear beat, quick urination, feeling tiredness, and breathing. It occurs due to stress. Astrology Remedies for Blood Pressure.

Astrology Remedies for Blood Pressure

Astrology Remedies for Blood Pressure
Low BP occurs due to very busy schedule. It may occur due to gout or weak food habits. Obesity and tightness in muscle are also symptoms of BP.

Weak Moon creates blood pressure problem. Due to mental stress you may have high or low BP. If Mars is weak then you may have high BP problem. Saturn-Mars weakens the large artery of heart.

If the left part on the palm is flat and contrastive then you may have low BP. If mind line comes downward then you will have low BP problem. If there are hole under the middle finger then you will get depression, stress. In this case, you will face low BP problem.

You can do meditation. You can do Shavashan. You can also wear silver bracelet. Wear broken silver ring in the thumb.

You can apply sandal on the tips of the thumb before going to bed. You can lightly press on your head. You can also press on your elbows. It relives your stress.

You can press in the middle of soles. You can do massage with ghee on your soles. Keep your legs in the salted water before going to bed.

You can wear root of Sarpghandh. Wear silver ball in the throat. You can also wear magnet. Avoid intake of non-veg. Do not intake more ghee, oil and tea-coffee.

Keep 5 almonds in the water at night. Intake 1 almond and 1 black pepper by chewing. You have to eat your breakfast after 15 minutes. Drink milk with turmeric in a day at any time.

Take 4 almonds, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon mishri. Grind all these and intake in every morning-evening.

Take 1 glass of cow or goat’s milk, 2 teaspoon cow’s ghee, 10 black pepper and 10 grams mishri. Eat this mixture with honey in morning-evening. You can also intake mixture of 1 teaspoon of butter, mishri and 1 silver varakh in morning-evening.

You can eat 1-2 singhade with milk. Mix elaichi, chironji, almond and saffron in kheer and intake it. You can intake custard apple.

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