How your Planets are Connected to Different Subjects

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Are confused which subject to choose? Here guide which planets are connected to which Education Subjects. So Choose the subject whose planet is strong on your horoscope. Check Which subject work for your success according to Astrology.

How your Planets are Connected to Different Subjects

Education Subjects and Planets
Commerce (Accounts): It mainly depends on Mercury. Accounting subjects relates with Mercury. If person is talkative and witty then his Mercury is strong. They are good in accounts. If you face problems in accountancy then you can intake green vegetables and fruits.

Commerce (Theory): It is necessary to have strong Mercury and Jupiter. People who are talkative, fatty and eat more sweets their Mercury and Jupiter are good. They are very good in theory subjects. If you face problems then you can offer laddoo to lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

Law: It relates with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. People who are fat and have good personality they are very good in law. If you are facing problem in law education then you can do fast on Saturday and see lord Hanuman on Saturday.

Science: It is the subject of Sun. Some part of it relates with Mars and Moon. People who are hard working, responsible and have strong Sun they are good in science. If you are facing problem in science subjects then you can offer water to the Sun and eat jaggery.

Mathematics: Normal mathematics relates with Mercury while complicated mathematics relates with Mars. People who are thin and looks younger their Mercury and Mars are good. They are very good in mathematics. If you are facing problem in this subject then you can eat lady finger and green pepper.

English: Any foreign language can be learning by Rahu-Ketu and sometime from Saturn. People who are arrogant and have harsh speech their Rahu-Ketu are good. They can learn any foreign language easily. If you are facing problem in English then you can get benefit from blue color and foreign food.

Extra Remedy: Offer basil leaf necklace to lord Hanuman once in a week. You will get relief in diseases and accidents.

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