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A woman Sun is weak then child’s body and mind would be weak. His health remains disturb till the age of 6. Children cannot listen anyone’s advice. They cry when you say anything to them. They opposed your views.

Make your Kids a Genius - Astrology Upay

Make your Kids a Genius
Children does not listen advice from their father and grandfather. They always remain dependent on others. If a men Sun is weak then child would be physically weak. If Moon is weak then a child would have emotional disturbance.

If women’s Moon is weak then child would be mentally weak. He may have anger, lack of concentration, crying and threat. A child should be balanced from mentally and physically.

Parents should worship Sun and Moon. Male can wear root of bail or Kaner in throat. Female can wear root of Khirani or silver ball in throat. She should take Ganga bath. Do not quarrel with each other. Do not intake alcohol or tobacco.

Do not plan to get child during stress. Child would be weak at the time of uncertainty and insecurity. If husband or wife is ill then do not plan for the conception. If you are unhappy then do not plan for child without guidance of your idol.

If there are such lines or mole or spots or stars on the first finger then you should take care of your health. If Mountain of Jupiter is downward then you should strengthen your Jupiter.

If Mars is weak of child then they insult their parents. In this case, you should serve temple. Do not eat non-veg. You should worship goddess Durga or lord Shiva.

You should give respect to pundit, Sadhu and feed them. Do not create doubt and criticism. You should do Kanyadan.

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