Kitchen Can Improve Wealth/Luck - Astrology

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Kitchen is very important in our life. Never go to the kitchen without washing your hand-legs in the kitchen. Never go to the kitchen wearing sleeper/chappales. Chant “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah” while going in to the kitchen in morning.

Kitchen Can Improve Wealth/Luck - Astrology

Astrology kitchen
Chant your dainty name and goddess Annapurna while burning stove. You can also chant Agni dev. Sprinkle milk on the stove when you shut off it at night. It reduces the bad effects of Rahu, Saturn and Mars.
The kitchen should be on Southeast side. Keep your stove on south side. Do not keep stove on north, west or northwest side. Do not keep open kitchen. It should be cover with curtains.
It is necessary that you cannot see the stove immediately after entering in the home. It creates problem for mind and digestion. Also guest should avoid seeing kitchen while entering in the home. Do not keep food on northeast side. However, you can keep the food in small utensils.
Do not keep wash basin in front of the kitchen. Also a person who goes outside he cannot see the wash basin. You should clean unused food or keep it in box. Keep less stale food in the kitchen. Do not let the water flow in kitchen. You should close the kitchen in a day for few hours.
Do not keep non-veg and alcohol in your kitchen. It is very important place in home. The stomach disease never cures if you keep this stuff in your kitchen. A person cannot get success in unclean and inauspicious kitchen. Never use leather in kitchen.

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