How to improve Relationships? - Astrology Upay

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How to improve Relationships, check out some Astrology Upay, Astrology Remedies to Improve Relationships.People having Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces sign have take care in their relations. If Rahu and Mars are not favorable in horoscope then it is difficult to maintain relationship.

How to improve Relationships? - Astrology Upay

Improve Relationships
Children get limited love due to Rahu. There may be problem due to extra marital affair or third person. Problem may increase in family or marital life due to speech.

Person cannot get marry due to Rahu-Mars-Venus-Moon combination or it will try to break the marital life. A person loves his/her life partner very much but they do not take care of their necessity. The moral and love will decrease and conflicts increase.

Rahu makes person stubborn and it creates conflicts in marital life. In this case, you should take care of you speech. Avoid stubborn and doubts. You should smile. You can wear Rudraksh. You can also keep square of silver with you. You can concentrate on white color. Avoid wearing dark blue color clothes. You can do Pranayama.

How to improve Relationships?

You must have to feed first grass to cow. You can light a lamp in the evening mixed with google. Never keep deem light or darkness. You can flow silver piece or small silver wire into the river.

You can keep small Silver Square with you or you can wear it in white thread or silver chain. You can involve yourself in worship. Do tilak of white sandal and turmeric.

Use less leather. Offer coconut filled with water into the temple for 21 days. Donate Gangajal. You can chant Sundarkand once in 2-3 months. Donate sacrament of Bundi or jaggery or Saunf or mishri.

If you get anger then you can take smell of camphor. Do not wear red, green and black clothes in day. You can drink 1 teaspoon of radish juice for 43 days. Eat Harade after eating your meal. You can worship Shri Yantra.

If you are facing too much problem due to debt then you can chant Gajendramoksh. Do not become false witness. Plant peeple or banyan tree. Wear turmeric color thread in your hand. Do not wear blue or black color cap. Keep Shri Yantra on north side of home and worship it. Keep little dust under the peeple tree.

Remedy: Many time we hurt woman in any way. They face problem in every function. In this case, you should behave properly with woman and give respect to them. Feed 100 cows in a year. Use sandal fragrance. Feed woman on your birthday and give gift to them. Never do flirting.

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