How Body Parts Tells your Future - Astro Upay

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Check out how your body parts tells your future, how leg size, nose size, first finger tell about your upcoming future.

How Body Parts Tells your Future - Astro Upay

Body Parts Tells your Future
If the bottom of the leg is very soft then you do not have to do struggle. Problem will remove after the age of 28. If they are strong then your luck will improve after the age of 36. However if it is very strong then your life will improve at the age of 52. You have to do remedy for Rahu and Saturn.

If the leg’s thumb is outside then you may have pain in hands-legs. You will get success after hard work. Wear iron ring in the middle finger. Donate lentil occasionally. You should take care of your speech, work, social work and spirituality. You have to eat simple food.

If the first finger of leg is long then woman gets happiness. Also, if the middle finger of leg is long then you will get good life partner. There may be delay in marriage but they get good life partner.

If nose is small and cheeks are heavy then your Mercury is very good. They remain happy in adverse situation and always do hard work. However, if the nose is long, broad and nostrils are big then he has to do struggle. He will reach to high position and does business relating to land or property. You should take care of your Rahu and feed flour to ants.

If the nostrils are small then a person does not have to do hard work. Long, thin, straight and tall nose is the sign of strong Sun. However, people may criticize them.

You should worship peeple tree. Peeple leafs are useful to improve breathing power. It is also useful on wound, throat and voice. Its root can be used to cure ulcers. Its fruit is useful in vomiting. Peeple leaves are useful to cure constipation. You have to light a four square lamp under the tree if you are facing problem from Saturn, Rahu and Mars.

Extra Remedy: If you face problem in every function then you should chant “Om Dum Durgaye Namah”.

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