Health Benefits of Bay Leaf - Astro Upay

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Bay leaf (tez patta) is mostly used in North India. It is also used to make medicine. Its oil is very costly. In Bhutan, people make tea from it. Bay leaf is very useful in sugar type 2, cholesterol and triglofide.

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf - Astro Upay

Benefits of Bay Leaf
Eat bay leaf powder for 30 days and you will get good benefit. It is very useful in indigestion, acidity, sewage and constipation. Take 5 gram of bay leaf power along with ginger piece. Boil them in 200ml water. When it remains ¼ filters it and adds honey in it. Drink this mixture twice in a day.

Take 300ml water and add 3 grams bay leaf powder and rose. Boil this mixture. When it remains 75 ml then filter it and drink it. It is very useful for heart.

If you have stone problem then you can use bay leaf. Take 5 grams of bay leaf powder and boil it in 200 ml water. When it remains 50 ml then drink it twice in a day.

Bay leaf oil is beneficial in inflammation, gout and headache. When you have gout problem then you can use castor and bay leaf oil.

Bay leaf has the properties which prevent cancer. It has caffeic acid, quercetin, euganol acid. It prevents uterus cancer.

If you have dandruff and hair fall problem then you can wash your hair with bay leaf water. If you have asthma problem then you can boil 5 gram bay leaf powder along with 1 gram Mulethi powder. When water remains half then filter it and drink it.

Pregnant and feeding the beast women they should avoid eating bay leaf. If you have diabetes and you are eating bay leaf then you should check your sugar level. Bay leaf reduces the function of central nervous system. You have to avoid eating bay leaf before 2 weeks in any surgery.

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