Check Good Time Bad Time with Nails - Astro Upay

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You can now predict your upcoming time will be good or bad. Here is way in astrology by which you can now predict your Good Time Bad Time with Nails shape.

Check Good Time Bad Time with Nails - Astro Upay

Sun’s bad effect weakens the nails. Moon’s bad effect makes nail white. If there is bad effect of Mars then nail becomes black. The bad effect of Moon, Mars and Saturn creates purple points on nails.

Mercury’s bad effect creates putrefaction on nail. When Jupiter impacts on nail then it become yellow, weak and small. When Venus impacts on nail then it become dull. Nail becomes black when Saturn affect.

When nail become white body become weak and you may have bone problem. Yellow nails are symptom of weakness and irritation. Pink nails are symptom of good health and luck. White and purple spots create conflicts in your marital life.

If women’s nails are pink then their husband are lucky. However if the nails are color yellow then they are weak.

If your nails are small, white, yellow and hard then you should keep control on your mind. You may have insomnia, anger, weak memory problem.

You should check your calcium bicarbonate and vitamin. You should take medical advice. You can wear pearl in your neck.

If your nails become square, flat, white or yellow then it indicates that conflict increase in your home. You remain in tension and irritate.

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