Astrology Upay to Improve Memory, Fear and Anger Control

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Do you have weak memory problem,having unknown fear, Anger Control? Here is Astrology Remedies for Improving Memory, Fear and Anger Control.

Astrology Upay tom Improve Memory, Fear and Anger Control

Memory, Fear and Anger
Memory is very important and Anger is very bad. If there is combination of Moon-Mars and it has impact of Saturn-Ketu then it creates problem. This happens more with women rather than men. They cannot control their emotions. People having more imaginary and worried about future they get mental disorder.

You can include almond oil in your diet. You can press your thumb and do massage on that. Do not have constipation. You should avoid urad and non-veg. Do not wear yellow and black clothes.

You can take walk on grass and open air. You should love your family members. Do not think its evil eye problem as it is mental disorder. You can wear the root of Ashwgandha in silver chain.

Keep ratti seed under your pillow while sleeping. Do not eat juicy food. Keep 2 hours distance between sleeping and meal. Wash your legs before going to bed. Chant “Om” before going to bed.

If mind line break and stops at the bottom then you will remain confuse. It also increases anger. If mind line start and stops immediately then you may have anger.

You should try to remove your stress. You should do some breathing exercise. Do not work till late night. Do not do too many works at same time. Do not work constantly. You should use diary.

You can use Brahami. You can wear root of Vach in throat tying up in white thread on Monday or Friday. You can listen music. Wear silver ring in thumb on Monday.

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