Astrology Reason and Remedy for Diabetes

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Diabetes occurs due to malfunction of pancreas. Diabetes also occurs when insulin level decreases in the body. Moon and Mars is responsible to keep our body healthy.

Astrology Reason and Remedy for Diabetes

astrology and Diabetes
If fat does not burn and insulin level decreases then Jupiter is responsible for that. If the below part of index finger is thin then it indicates your live may disturb. The fat takes form of obesity. The bile juice also disturbs.

If there are such lines on that then acidity also increases. Also, if there are such lines on the first part of the index finger then they are fond of food. They have high tendency of anxiety. They get stress easily.

Venus disturbs hormone. It increases the sugar level. If the below part of thumb is upward then you should remain careful. Also, there are such lines on Venus Mountain then you may have urine, insulin and stress problem.

If your Mars is weak then you cannot bear blood disorder. If the below part of last finger is downward then your immunity level is very weak. In this case, you should follow such rules and eat in proper way.

If there are such lines or moles on Moon Mountain then it creates tension. You should take medical advice and eat in proper way.

You can wear Rudraksh necklace. You can eat bitter gourd once in a week. Try to decrease anxiety. Control on your obesity.

You can include Amla in your diet. Take 2 pinch of turmeric with honey. You can take water instead of honey. You can do Anuloam-Vilom. You can do Ganduk, Yogamudrashan and Ardhmatshyendrashan.

You have to eat normal food. They can eat many times in a day but they should eat in little amount. Do not eat sweets at night. Drink milk mixed with lemon juice. You can chant “Om”.

Sit in front of the sun during sunrise and chant Gayatri mantra for 10 minutes. Wear copper ring or bracelet.

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