Akshay Tritiya :- Increase Your Wealth by Simple Astro Upay

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Want to increase wealth on this Akshay Tritiya? Here is 10 astrology upay to do on this Akshay Tritiya to get more wealth. Before we talk about Astro Upay to increase wealth on Akshay Tritiya, lets find out why Akshay Tritiya is important.

Akshay Tritiya :- Increase Your Wealth by Simple Astro Upay

Akshay Tritiya
Akshay Tritiya (Akha Teej) means anything which cannot be defeated or diminished and this is possible easily if we keep our wallets and safe very clean and tidy. For the simple reason that we use our wallets to buy and sell the things throughout the day and cash increases and decreases there. At times people are busy talking on phone and since their wallet is too cluttered, notes fall along with tit bits of paper and you lose money.
  • Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat = 06:16 to 12:36 Duration = 6 Hours 19 Mins
If something is not defeatable or diminishable, it is called Akshay Tritiya. Akshaya Tritiya falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakh month (April-May), when the Sun and Moon are in exaltation; they are simultaneously at their peak of brightness, which happens only once every year. People devotee Lord Vishnu, Maa Lakshmi, lord ganesha on this day.

10 Astrology Upay to Increase Wealth on Akshay Tritiya

1. Do not keep unwanted Visiting Cards in your wallet, keeping unwanted visiting cards on wallet makes it heavy and cluttered. And the most important, Carrying Visiting card means you are carrying their positive/negative energy with you, not good at all.

2. Do not take used or half eaten peppermint wrappers with you, lakshmi ji loves cleanness.

3. Do not have sharp things in your wallet, pins like staples, common pins etc, sharp means negative energy.

4. For Women's, do not carry everything in your purse. Buy small pouches/bag to manage cosmetics/stationary.

5. Do put your wallet in Sunlight (after empty it) once in a week, it will kill all germs from wallet and keep aside negative energy from you.

6. If possible, use wallet with button. Open wallet means, everything going out without check.

7. Do not gift Wallet or hand bag, its not good. It means you are giving your part of wealth to someone else.

8. Do not share your wallet with anyone else, at any cost.

9. Use Muhurat time to buy gold (in case you are going to buy gold).

10. Start your day with devoting Lord Vishnu & Lord Lakshmi ji, after taking bath.

We wish everyone a very auspicious and cleaner Akshay Tritiya.

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