Which Thing is Lucky For your Sunshine? - Astro Upay

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Every planet has its special point and from this point that sign and planets are controlled. Problems can be solved by keeping related stuff in the home. This stuff is normal and their special use and care is wonderful.

Which Thing is Lucky For your Sunshine? - Astro Upay

Lucky For your Sunshine
This stuff should be kept in the morning or evening. You have to clean them with milk and water. Do not change their place repeatedly. You have to keep them at only one place. Do not keep glass and Shankh in your bed room. Also do not intake alcohol in your bed room.

You can clean and worship them on full moon day or new moon day. You can change their place when you change your home.

You can clean your home with salted water. You can blow Shankh in every room of your home in morning. Whenever you prepare rice you should include elaichi or basil leaf in it. Keep incense stick under your bed after lighting it.

You can keep Shankh or water in glass bottle so that your health remains good. You can keep Shri Yantra to get financial benefits. You can use green or yellow color pyramid to increase your concentration level. You can keep wooden flute or Bal Krishna image to get child. Keep salt in small glass bowl in every corner of the home to get happiness and prosperity.

Aries: You have to keep copper image or lamp which is filling with Sindoor.

Taurus: You can keep Dakshinavarti Shankh in your home.

Gemini: You can keep crystal ball in glass bowl.

Cancer: You can keep ship and kaudiya in your home.

Leo: You have to keep red color clothe or Supari tying up in red color clothe.

Virgo: You can keep Janewdhari Shivaling or any Shivaling in your home.

Libra: You can keep Shir Yantra or crystal necklace in your home.

Scorpio: You have to keep Gangajal in glass bottle at your home.

Sagittarius: You can keep Gomati chakra or Panchmukhi Rudraksh in your home.

Capricorn: You can keep horseshoe in your home.

Aquarius: You can keep white stone image of anyone.

Pisces: You have to keep rock salt in glass at your home.

Extra Remedy
: Offer Khir to lord Shiva on Friday. Also you have to eat it as dainty. You will get peace.

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