Person's Nature based on Ear, Neck Size and Hair Color - Samudra Shastra

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Check Person's Nature based on Ear size, Neck Size and Hair color. As per samudra shastra, you can predict someone's nature by his/her ear, neck and hair size and color.

Person's Nature based on Ear, Neck Size and Hair Color - Samudra Shastra

  • Small Ear: Those whose ear are smaller than normal size they are very powerful. They are also reliable. Additionally, they are also interested in art. If anyone asks them about any objects they do not refuse him.
  • Big Ear: If a person’s ears are bigger then he is thoughtful, diligent, practical and punctual. They do not like delays in any kind of work. They believe in systematic work.
  • Wide Ear: According to palmistry, if a person’s ear is wider than normal then they have all type of amenities. They receive every happiness in their life. They are also opportunistic.
  • Smaller Ear compared to normal: If a person’s ear are smaller than usual then they are very playful by nature. They believe in god. Sometimes they are too greedy and do not hesitate to cheat with anyone. They know how to do take work from someone.
  • A person whose ear is pressed they are usually culprit.

  • Big Neck: According to palmistry, the person whose neck is thick normal than usual he cannot be reliable. They are angry. They get arrogance when they get money.
  • Straight Neck: People whose neck is straight they are proud. They are punctual, committed and follow the principle. They are trustworthy.
  • Long Neck: They are talkative, retard, unstable, frustrated and fawning. They always appreciate themselves.
  • Short Neck: They speak less, hardworking, stingy, unreliable and arrogant. Others take advantage of such people but they do not even know about it.
  • Dry Neck: There is less meat in neck and you can easily see the veins. They are dull, less ambitious, sick, lazy, grumpy and less likely to understand. They are normal people who satisfied with their life.
  • Camel Neck: The neck is thin and tall. They are generally tolerant and hard working. Some of them are even artful. These people are engaged in furthering their interests and they go to any extent when times come.
  • Good Neck: Their neck would be transparent which is commonly found in women. They are dear, gentle and indulgence. They live a happy life.

  • Two faced Hair: According to palmistry, having a single hair in a pore is good. This hair is good but if many branches come out from the hair then person’s health may disturb. They have two ideologies. They do not take decision and so they do not succeed.
  • Black Hair: People having black hair are healthy from mind, vigorous, high vitality and trustworthy. They live good life. Those whose hair become white at early age they are mentally weak.
  • Thin Hair: They nature is very good. They are generous, loving, kind, shy and sensitive. In contrast, coarse and stiff-haired people have good health and high vitality.
  • Simple, straight hairs are unassuming and pointed straightforward person. If the hair is soft then person would be humble, decent, art lovers and true friend.
  • Black, smooth, soft, attractive and simple hair provides fortune, property and health to the women. While, yellow, red, hoarse, harsh, short and disheveled hair women always leave sad lives.


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