Mercury Going in the Aquarius From 9th March - Planet Transit

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Mercury is going in the Aquarius sing on 9th March 2015. Sun is already in the Aquarius sign. Sun and Mercury comes together. Normally people get benefits from this conjunction and problem will remove. The effect will remain till 28th March 2015.

Mercury Going in the Aquarius From 9th March - Planet Transit

Mercury Going in the Aquarius
Aries: You have to take care in partnership in business. You should avoid invest money in new work. Chant “Om Bum Budhay Namah” every morning and donate green stuff on Wednesday.

Taurus: You may have allergy and skin infections. Avoid unnecessary conflicts. Problems will be solved. Courts matters will be solved. Do not eat outside and spicy-fried food. Worship lord Ganesha and offer Durva to him.

Gemini: You may get child. Mental stress can be removed. Health and financial conditions will improve. Use more light green color. Use fragrance after taking bath.

Cancer: There might be delay in alliance. You may face difficulties in relationship. You may get new job at new place. You have to take care of your speech. Donate green stuff on every Wednesday.

Leo: You may get causal benefits. Health problem will be solved. There might be auspicious work occur in family. Offer saunf mixed water to Lord Sun. Keep green color handkerchief with you during these 19 days.

Virgo: You will get respect and money. There might be positive change in your career. However you have to take care of your health and anger. Keep away yourself from share market, gambling and lottery. Chant “Om Bum Budhay Namah” every morning.

Libra: You will get success in your career. You will get benefit in financial matters. Enemy will defeat. You may start new work. The loss in business may decreases. You should avoid unnecessary love relationship. You have to worship lord Shani. Chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”.

Scorpio: You may face health and financial problems. You may get stress due to woman. You get benefit from journeys. New relations will start. You have to learn the people. Avoid conflicts. Chant Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening.

Sagittarius: You may get marriage proposal. You may get new position and prestige. You may go on foreign trip. Avoid arrogance. Do not leave the chances. Apply fragrance on your body. Keep green color handkerchief along with you.

Capricorn: The atmosphere of family will improve. Pending work will finish. You get financial benefit. You have to take care of eyes and speech. Chant “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah” for 108 times. Include green vegetables in your diet.

Aquarius: You may get benefit from long journeys. You will get more respect and financial benefits. Your mental and physical problem will cure. Regularly use fragrance and incense stick. Worship lord Vishnu.

Pisces: You may face problem in health. You may get loss in debt and money. Problems will increase in marital life and love relationship. Chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” and “Om Bum Budhay Namah” every evening. Donate green stuffs on Wednesday.

Extra Remedy: Mercury become strengthens by worshiping Shri Hari. Speech and attractive power also become strong.

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