If you Island in your Palm, it Can Give Bad Result

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In Palmistry, there are certain things, if such things are in your hand, it can give good as well as bad result.Below we are trying to provide you some of the important things about palmistry.

If you Island in your Palm, it Can Give Bad Result

island on palm
Island on Jupiter Mountain: Having Island on mountain of Jupiter denotes lack of confidence. It ends human aspirations.

Island on Saturn Mountain: Your entire life is not happy if you have island on Saturn Mountain. You may face conflicts in the life of a particular state.

Island on Sun Mountain: It indicates malice against someone. It hurts artistic qualities, money and respect.

Island on Mercury Mountain: It is considered to have a loss in business. You may have loss in intellectual functions. This damage can be fun.

Island on Mars Mountain: It indicates you may face some conspiracy. You may become timid or cowardly.

Island on Moon Mountain: It makes person cruel nature. It reduces artistic merit.

Island on Venus Mountain: You can be away from your beloved one.

Island on upward Mars Mountain: It indicates that you may get defamation due to woman.


Island on Heart line: It indicates you may face some heart problems. If this mountain remains near to Sun Mountain then you may have eye disorder.

Island on Life line: You may face physical pain where you find the lines on same place. At the beginning of the line denotes physical discomfort. If it is found in the middle of the line then it may cause physical discomfort at younger age. Island at the end denotes physical discomfort at old age.

Island on Mind line: It indicates that you may remain disturb due to mental stress. It also indicates injury on the eye.

                             Marriage line 
Island on Marriage line: It indicates that you may face many problems in your married life. You can know the problems according to the line. Mark on the marriage line creates problems in relation to fixed. Upon marriage it gives physical discomfort to partner. It is believed that it decreases the joys of married life.
                           Island on Luck line 
Island on Luck line: It creates problem in every work. A person’s qualities may decrease. This line means that you may face barrier in every area of life. It causes damage to the business. You can be deceiving in job or business. If there is island on fate line and Mars line then husband-wife remains sick. If there is island on luck line and life line is straight then wife would be stubborn in nature. If there is island on Mountain of Moon and Mountain of Venus is high then stress will increase in married life. If there is island between luck line and mountain of Saturn then person would not be committed to the individual partner.
                         Health line
Benefits on Health line: It indicates physical discomfort. If island is on the upper part of the health line then you may have throat and lung problems.

Health line on Palm: Usually healthy line starts from manibhandh and goes towards Mercury. It is also known as Mercury line.

Island on Journey line: It indicates you may face distress during journeys.

Journey line on Palm: It is concerned with the Moon Mountain. The lines horizontal lines found on the mountain of Moon are journey lines.

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