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Second and eighth place of horoscope relates with speech. Mercury is the planet who controls the speech. Mercury gives energy to speak while Jupiter makes speech effective. A person becomes good speaker due to good Mercury and Jupiter. However, Saturn, Rahu and Mars give adverse effect to the speech.

Improve your Luck by Speech - Astro Upay

speech and astrology
If Mercury is weak then child speak later. He does not speak clearly. If Jupiter is weak then person does not impress by his speech. If there is impact of Saturn then one cannot speak due to disease.

If there is an impact of Rahu then person speak fast and unclear. If there is an impact of Mars then one speaks bad words in anger and excitement.

Child can eat basil leaf after doing brush on their teeth. Child can listen Gayatri Mantra for 10 minutes in the evening. Tie square piece of gold or steel in child’s throat. Do not give fast food to eat them.

People who has stammering problem they should offer water to the Sun in morning. Chant “Hun” for 10 minutes. Use more green vegetables in your diet. Wear peridot on silver ring in your left hand’s little finger on Wednesday.

If you feel that your speech is affected by bad words then you can take bath water mixed with turmeric. Apply sandal fragrance after taking bath. Wear gold or steel ring on left hand’s index finger on Thursday morning. Chant “Namah Shivay” before going to bed at night.

Offer water mixed with turmeric to the Sun to make speech effective. After that apply turmeric tilak on your forehead and throat. Take advice from astrologer and wear yellow sapphire or Emerald. You should eat veg food. You will definitely get benefits.

Extra Remedy: A person clothe denotes his personality. It also improves his luck. You should choose cloth very carefully.

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