Importance of Sunderkand - Ramcharti Manas

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Sunderkand is the one of the Kand from the Ramchartimanas. It denotes how lord Hanuman find goddess Sita and kill the devils. Doha and Chaupaiya writes in special way. In Ramchartimanas, there is story of lord Ram’s victory and power.

Importance of Sunderkand - Ramcharti Manas

Importance of Sunderkand
While in Sundarkand there is a story of lord Hanuman’s strength and win. It is important as it denotes the success of lord Ram’s devotee.

You can chant Sundarkand when you find difficulties in your life or struggle increase due to planets. You can also chant it when you have more enemies and opponents or court matters or an accident or surgery problem. You can chant Sunderkand if you are devotee of lord Hanuman and want to get mercy from him.

It is very auspicious to chant Sunderkand on Tuesday and Saturday evening. Light ghee’s lamp in front of lord Hanuman. Offer red flower and sweet to him. First you have to worship lord Ram and greet lord Hanuman. Then start chanting Sundarkand. You should do Aarti at the end. Once worship is finish distribute the dainty.

You have to do fast or eat veg food when you chant Sundarkand. You have to follow Brahmacharya during this day. Do not start Sundarkand without worshiping lord Ram. You get more benefit if you chant it by understanding its meaning.

Extra Remedy: You should keep beard only when your Saturn is strong. Otherwise, struggle increase in your life. If you keep beard then you should keep it in good way.

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