How GOLD is Related with Astrology - Astro Upay

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Gold is very important metal which is found on earth. It denotes prosperity and royalty. In astrology it is relates with every planet. However, it mainly relates with Jupiter. Gold gives energy and heat. Also, it has the power to reduce the poison.

How GOLD is Related with Astrology - Astro Upay

GOLD is Related with Astrology
If gold suits you then you may become rich and if it does not suit to you then you may face accidents. Do not wear gold to show off. You have to wear gold if it is necessary.

If you have cold-cough problem then you can wear gold on your little finger. If you are facing problem relating to name, fame and state then you can wear gold in middle finger. If you have concentration problem then you can wear it in index finger. You can wear gold in throat if you have problems in marital life. People who have problem of getting child they can wear gold in ring finger.

People who have problem of stomach or obesity they should avoid wearing gold. Angry people should avoid wearing gold. Don not wears gold if your Jupiter is exalted in your horoscope. People who are doing business of iron, coal or Shani related stuff they should avoid gold. Pregnant and old women should avoid wearing gold.

It is not good to see money or gold in dream. It indicates you may face diseases. If you see gold in dream then it indicates that you will get money after struggle. However, if you see ancient gold coins in your dream then you may face some difficulties.

If gold is drop somewhere then you can use it. It does not become inauspicious. It is the metal of Jupiter. Do not wear gold below the waist. You may get bad luck and lose prosperity.

Wear gold in left hand if it is necessary. Give gold gifts only those who are closed to you. Avoid wearing gold ankle chain or Bichiya. Do not wear gold on waist. Children can wear gold in red thread. Do not eat meat and alcohol.

Usually, people keep gold in their lockers. Always keep your gold in red color paper or clothe. Keep gold in east or southwest side. Do not keep gold near head. You may face sleep disorder. Do not wear iron or mix metal along with gold.

It is very auspicious for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius lagan. It gives mixed results for Scorpio and Pisces. It might create problem for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. Libra and Capricorn lagan people should avoid wearing gold.

Extra Remedy: Do not light a bamboo stick on at your worship place. You have to light a wooden or incense stick.

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