Colors and their Purpose to Use it

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There are two energies which work in the world one is color and second is wave. Every person, thing, words and emotions have colors. Planets, constellation and astrology works on the base of colors. Right and perfect color strengthens our luck and other color decreases our luck.

Colors and their Purpose to Use it

Red: It is the color of energy and power. It is known as Mars and Sun’s color in astrology. It gives power to work and remove laziness. You can use red color in your kitchen. Do not use it our rooms. Those whose mind remains unstable they should not use red color.

Yellow: It relates with auspicious and good things. It is known as Jupiter’s color in astrology. It creates good thoughts and stability in life. You should use this color at worship place and study room in your home. Those who are not pure from mind they should not use this color.

Green: It directly relates with good health and mood. It is considered as Mercury’s color in astrology. Intelligence and mind become sharp by using this color. You can get benefit by using light green color. You can use it in your bed room. It cures sleep disorders. Those who have to use their mind and speech they should use this color more.

Purple: It is the color of glamour. It is considered as Saturn and Rahu’s color in astrology. Person gets too much name, fame, prestige and glamour. You can use this color in drawing room and bed room. Alcoholic person should avoid using this color.

Blue: It completely relates with spirituality and luck. It is considered as Saturn’s color in astrology. You can get benefit in intuition and spiritual things. You can use light blue color in worship place, guest room and office. However married couple should not use this color in their bed room.

White: When you combined all seven colors then white color occurs. It is considered as Moon and Venus color in astrology. Whenever a person like it on his own then you should understand that it is mercy of god. You can use this color anywhere in your home. You can use outside and inside of the home.

Black: You can found black color where there is no color. Person having depression, unstable of mind and negativity they should not use this color. If you have to use black color then you should use white color along with it. You will get benefit.

Extra Remedy: If anyone who is your love one and he/she goes away from you then you should chant Madhurashthak in front of lord Krishna in every morning. Also, worship against lord to come back that person in your life before sleeping.

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