Benefits of Doing Fast on Ekadashi

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Fast can be done by scientifically and spiritually. The main scientific reason is to make body clean and healthy. Spiritually it controls the mind and soul. Different lunar day impacts differently on mind and body.

Benefits of Doing Fast on Ekadashi

Fast on Ekadashi
You can do fast and worship in different ways according to lunar day. Your body and mind clears and your desires are fulfilling by doing fast on special lunar day.

Ekadashi fast is very important. Immaturity removes by doing fast on Ekadashi. You can get money and health. Problems relating to hormone and mental disorder can be solved. Papmochani Ekadashi can be done for health, child and regret.

It removes all type of mental disorder. It comes on Chaitra Krishna Paksh’s Ekadashi. It is advisable to drink more water due to weather and health.

You can do fast on Papmochani Ekadashi by two types either you do not eat food or water on this day or you can eat fruit or water. You should avoid doing nirjal fast if you are not healthy. You can eat fruits and drink water.

You have to intake your meal only once in Dashmi. Offer water to the Sun and worship Shri Hari on Ekadashi. If you do not sleep whole night and worship lord Vishnu then you can get rid from every sin. It is advisable to take fruit and drink water on this day.

Worship lord Hari after taking bath on Ekadashi. Chant Vishnu Shashatra or Shrimad Bhagwad on this day. Light a mustard oil lamp under peeple tree in evening and chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”.

You will get benefit by donating food and clothes before Ekadashi.

Extra Remedy: It is very beneficial to offer water to the Sun early. You do not get much benefit if you offer water after 1 hour of sunrise.

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