Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall

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Are you having Hair Fall Problem? Here is some astrology remedies for Hair Fall and other problems with Hair in astrology context.

Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall

Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall
Hair fall occurs due to scarcity of oil and water in veins. In astrology, Venus is responsible for hair fall. You can solve this problem by strengthening Venus.

You have to avoid stress. Drink more water and use more white color. Take copper bowl and fill it with curd. Leave it for 3 days. Apply this curd in your hair.

Baldness occurs due to strong Sun and weak Mercury. Offer water mixed with turmeric to the Sun. Grind fresh coriander and applies it in your hair and wash in the morning. Do this twice in a week.

If Venus and Moon are weak in horoscope then hair becomes thin and two faced hair. Mixed lemon juice with curd and apply it in your hair. Wash your hair once it is dry. It will remove the problem. Do not eat sour stuff. You have to drink milk.

Dandruff occurs due to Mercury. You have to wash your hair with vinegar. You can use olive oil. Wear brass ring in last finger of right hand. Wear light green color clothes.

Hair relates with Mercury and Venus. If Mercury is weak then you have hair disease and Venus is weak then hair becomes weak. You have to strengthen both planets.

You have to include green vegetables in your diet. Wash your hair with curd regularly. You can use coconut and olive oil. Do not use sour food.

Extra Remedy:
You have to go Hanuman Temple on Saturday. You have to chant Hanuman Chalisa and worship. It will remove the problem relating to Shani.

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