Venus and Relation With your Horoscope - Astro Upay

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Venus relates with our happiness of life. Prosperity, money and glamor received by Venus. Venus gives love, mercy and beauty. In males, happiness from women can be received by only Venus. Marital life works only with Venus.

Venus and Relation With your Horoscope - Astro Upay

venus and horoscope
Aries: Venus gives speech, money and family happiness. Their marital life completely depends on Venus.

Taurus: Venus gives good health and personality. Due to Venus they have good job.

Gemini: Venus gives child, knowledge and intelligence. They get life partner’s love and prosperity due to Venus.

Cancer: They get emotions, mercy, love and good heart due to Venus. Venus also gives them good income and job.

Leo: They get courage, happiness from siblings and journeys. Venus gives them high position and prestige.

Virgo: Their luck, religion and foreign trips are depending on Venus. Venus give them good speech, money and happiness of life.

Libra: Their health and age depends on Venus. They get personality and attraction due to Venus.

Scorpio: Their marriage, business and relations are depending on Venus. Venus gives them fame-respect, prestige and glamor.

Sagittarius: Their job and business depends on Venus. Their disease, debt and enemies relates with Venus.

Capricorn: Venus gives them high position, prestige and respect. Venus also gives them child and knowledge.

Aquarius: Venus controls their mind, heart, emotions and thinking. Venus makes them lucky and spiritual.

Pisces: Venus controls their age and causal success. They become good writer, artist, musician and person.

Extra Remedy: According to astrology, purple color clothes are very effective in love relationships. You can use clothes or handkerchief of purple color to strengthen the love.

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