Strengthen your Bones via Astrology Remedies

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Every planet relates with body parts. In addition, it also affects any element. Any weak planet may affect related body part. If any planet becomes weak then the element also affects and you may have problem in body.

Strengthen your Bones via Astrology Remedies

We can get rid from physical problems by understanding planet’s nature, color and waves. Sun is the responsible for bone problem. If Sun is weak in your horoscope then you may have bone problem. Also, Moon and Jupiter are responsible for bone problem. Saturn is responsible for bone problem and it affects very dangerously.

You may have backache and spinal cord problem due to Sun. You may have cervical and Spondylitis problem. Person may have dizziness and laziness. Bones strengthen decreases.

You have to offer water mixed with roli (rice) to the Sun. Do tilak with roli on forehead and throat. You have to live in such room where there is sunlight.

Moon controls the calcium in the body. If Moon is weak then calcium level decreases in the body and you may have bone ache. Pain does not remain stable and you feel pain in different body parts due to Moon.

You feel stiffness in bones. You can intake green elaichi mixed with honey. Drink milk in the morning with breakfast. Do not drink milk at night. Wear silver ring in the middle finger of right hand on Monday.

Fat increase due to Jupiter. You may have problem in legs due to obesity. You get pain in knee and ankles. In this case, you should do fast on Ekadashi. Use turmeric and cardamom in your diet. Avoid using gold and yellow color.

Muscle problem occurs due to Saturn. Bone problem stays for long time due to Saturn. Sometimes you may have paralysis. In this case, donate Chaya (take mustard oil and see your face in it) on Saturday evening. Chant Hanuman Bahuk on every morning. Also do complete make up of Hanuman once in a month.

Extra Remedy: If you have bone pain then you should include paneer in your diet. You can eat little paneer in dinner.

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