Improve Your Luck with Mustard Oil - Astrology

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If you want to strengthen the Mars then you can do massage with mustard oil on your body. If you want to strengthen Saturn then you can eat vegetables fried in mustard oil. But if you want to do Saturn calm then you have to donate mustard oil.

Improve Your Luck with Mustard Oil

Luck with Mustard Oil
If you do not get success in business then you can donate vegetable which are made in mustard oil. Disease can be cured by donating mustard oil. You have to peel off from your head before donate it.

Mustard oil is very beneficial in heart, skin, nail, tooth problem. It also remove pyorrhea. You can do massage with mustard oil on bottom of the leg. It increases your vision.

Do massage on children’s body with mustard oil. They get good sleep and their body becomes strong. If there nose is closed due to cough then put 2-3 drops of mustard oil and take breath.

Take 10 gram camphor and 200 gram mustard oil and do massage. It removes vain, backache and muscle pain. You can apply mustard oil on hair. It won’t become white before aging.

If you have square, spot on mountain of Jupiter then you may face many problems. Donate mustard oil along with turmeric on Thursday.

High intake of mustard oil creates heat and bile in the body. You have to use it in proper amount. Keep mustard oil in refrigerator, if it freezes then it is duplicate.

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