Impress Lord Shanidev with Rudraksh

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Shani relates with the work what we do and its fruits. Shani is the ruler to give punishment. He gives punishment of our bad works. Due to Shani’s mercy we get business and it runs.

Impress Lord Shanidev with Rudraksh

Shanidev with Rudraksh
If Shani is weak then struggle increase in person’s life. Person has to face health and job related problems. But if Saturn is favorable then you will get success and you don’t do struggle.

Rudraksh means Aksh of Rudra. It is believed that Rudraksh occurs from lord Shiva’s tear. From ancient times, it is used as jewelry, mantra and to control the planets.

We can remove problem of Shani and get mercy from him by using Rudraksh. But you have to follow rules of wearing Rudraksh.

You can wear Rudraksh on wrist, throat and heart. It is very beneficial to wear till heart. Wear 12 Rudraksh on wrist, 36 Rudraksh on throat and 108 Rudraksh on heart. However you can wear only one Rudraksh which should be in red threat.

You can wear it on monsoon’s Monday. It is very beneficial to wear it on Shivaratri. But you have to offer it to lord Shiva before wearing it. You can do chant mantra from it. Those who wear it they have to avoid non-veg. There conduct should be good.

If you face problem in your business due to Saturn then you can wear Dashmukhi Rudraksh. Wear it in throat tying up in red thread on Saturday evening. It is very beneficial of wearing Teenmukhi and Dashmukhi Rudraksh.

If you face health issues then you can wear Eightmukhi Rudraksh in throat. You have to wear it on Saturday evening. Wear Eightmukhi or 54 Rudraksh.

You can wear Rudraksh necklace or Panchmukhi Rudraksh in Sade Sati or Dhaiya. First chant Saturn’s mantra and then chant Shiva’s mantra before wearing it.

You can wear Ekmukhi and Gyaramukhi Rudraksh if there are bad effects of Saturn in your horoscope. In this case, you have to keep 1 Ekmukhi and 2 Gyaramukhi Rudraksh. Wear it in red threat on Monday.

Extra Remedy: Avoid using such yantra which has image or do not buy yantra from market. Always use yantra which has numbers.

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