How Spices and Astrology are Related - Astro Upay

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Check out how astrology and spices are related and can improve your luck. Which spice can improve your luck, check out in astro upay.

How Spices and Astrology are Related - Astro Upay

Spices and Astrology
Clove and Black Pepper: Clove and black pepper relates with Saturn. It removes cough and negative energy. You can use it in your morning tea or before going for bed at night. Add any of these two in mustard oil and light a lamp. It increase prosperity in the home and you may not have health issue.

Asafetida: It is the spices of Mercury. It also relates with Jupiter. It controls bile and gout. You must have to use asafetida in your afternoon meal. Your stomach becomes healthy and anger reduces.

Cumin and Cinnamon: Both spices relates with Mercury. There is also a little part of Rahu. Both cures mouth and bile problem. You must have to use cumin in lunch and cinnamon in dinner. The impact of Rahu-Ketu reduces by donating cumin on Saturday. You will also get rid from ups-downs.

Turmeric: It is very wonderful spices. It directly relates with Jupiter. It has power of preventing poison. Your health improves by using turmeric in your diet. It increases the money and prosperity. You can get rid from Najar dosh if you take bath applying turmeric. You will not have skin problem. It also reduces conflicts in marital life. In astrology, dry turmeric is used. If Jupiter creates problem then you can donate turmeric on Thursday.

Red Pepper: It relates with Sun and Mars. It keeps fit taste veins and maintains energy in the body. If you use it in balance amount then your tongue and saliva problem can be cure. It avoids accident and increase the fame. If you offer seeds of red pepper mix in water to the Sun then you get relief in debt.

Bay Leaf: It relates with Saturn and Mercury. It creates energy. It is very beneficial if you use it in night. Atmosphere becomes clean by using it as incense stick.

Extra Remedy: If you want to strengthen the Sun then you must have to offer water to the Sun. You must have to eat wheat and jaggery. Respect your father and elders.

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