How Music Improve Your Luck - Astrology and Music

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Music is related to Moon and Venus. Sometime it relates with Mercury. Music directly affects to mind due to Moon. It gives happiness and prosperity by Venus. Music is very helpful in mental disorder and health problem. Music is also beneficial in financial problem.

How Music Improve Your Luck - Astrology and Music

Astrology and Music
You can listen sitar or flute in the morning when you have mental disorder. You must have to concentrate yourself on it. Listening Tabla/drum is very beneficial in stomach pain.

If you have heart problem then you can listen classical music in medium voice. Classical music gives more benefit if it is stuti or prayer form. You can listen Bhajan or Kirtan for any other health issue. You can completely involve in it by dancing or singing.

If your money stuck then you must have to listen western music in loud voice. If you cannot get money then you can get benefit by listening soft and romantic music.

If there is a loss of money then you can listen Shankh, ghanta and mantra. You will definitely get benefit. You get benefit in business by listening jal tarang music.

You can gift gajhal or serious music that you want to make strong relation. If you want to get success in love matters then you must have to listen such music which is morning hours. If you want to maintain your old relations then you can use sitar. You must have to close your eyes and remind that person with whom you want to attach.

Do not listen sad or separation music as it creates problem for you. You must have to listen soft and romantic music before going for an interview.

You can listen flute before going for marriage talk. You can listen Shankh before going for such work in which you want victory. Listen Sitar before going for an exam.

Extra Remedy: You must have to establish image of Shiva family at your worship place. You may not have separation and conflicts in the family.

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