How Your Destiny Connected by Sun and Saturn

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Sun spreads purity and auspicious. It spreads happiness in the person’s life. Saturn’s spreads negativity. It is strongest planet. It creates struggle and arrogance in person. The results are very dangerous when light and dark comes together. It affects Sun-Saturn.

How Your Destiny Connected by Sun and Saturn

Destiny Connected by Sun and Saturn
Sun-Saturn comes together or Sun’s eye on Saturn or Saturn’s eye on Sun then this relation occur. It affects father and son’s relation. It also impact on marital life. Sometime one may have to do two marriages.

Father and Son’s relation is not good with each other. Sometime they separate from each other. Sometime either father or son gets success. Even though trying hard they do not get happiness from father or son.

Offer water to Sun in the morning. After that chant Hanuman Chalisa standing over there. Wear copper ring in left hand’s ring finger on Sunday morning. Use jaggery instead of sugar in your diet. Donate sweets on Saturday.

Husband-wife does not love each other. They tolerate each other. Sometime it takes crime and criminal form. If Saturn is strong then there might be separation.

Offer water to the Sun mix with black sesame in the morning. Light ghee’s lamp under Tulsi in the evening except Sunday. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” for 108 times morning-evening. You will get benefit by wearing red sandal’s necklace in throat.

Extra Remedy: Saturn is the planet which moves very slow. So you can do marriage or start your job on Saturday.

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