Benefits of Wearing Manikya (Surya Ratna RUBY)

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Fire is the element of Sun and Manikya is its main planet. It is the gemstone of Kurundam group. It is very strong. It directly affects on eyes, bones, heart and fame-prestige.

Benefits of Wearing Manikya (Surya Ratna)

Benefits of Wearing Manikya
There are many color of Manikya however pink color’s Manikya is very beneficial. Manikya and blue sapphire is the same group of gemstone. They give immediate result.

If Manikya suits you then you get brightness on your face and your confidence increase. You will get benefit in government work and administration. Your relation with father and family will improve.

If Manikya does not suit you then you have headache. You face bone and eye problem. You may face defamation and family problems.

Manikya should be pink or red color and transparent. You have to wear it in gold or copper. You can wear it in ring finger or throat on Sunday afternoon.

Do not wear diamond, opal, blue sapphire and garnet with Manikya. It is very beneficial to wear yellow sapphire to it.

You should always check your horoscope before wearing Manikya. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can wear Manikya. It gives normal result in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Taurus can wear Manikya in special conditions.

If you do not have horoscope then you can wear Manikya according to your needs. It gives good result for dark complexion people.

Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius avoid wearing Manikya. People who have heart or high blood pressure problem they should check before wearing Manikya. People whose relation is not good with father they should avoid wearing it. Person who works on Saturn related field they should avoid wearing Manikya.

Extra Remedy: Many times we get negative or bad thoughts in our mind then you can immediately chant Gayatri mantra. You will get rid from this problem.

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