Astro Upay for Successful Love Marriage

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In Vedic tradition the symbol and spots on the body parts are discussed. It is informed that what are the effects of these symbols. Spot, wart and other symbol comes in this. One can easily know many things from small black mole on the body.

Astro Upay for Successful Love Marriage

Successful Love Marriage
Mole on face: There are different meanings of mole on face. It directly affects to your luck. Mole on chick increase attraction level. Also they are very rich. If you have mole on your nose then you become much disciplined. It increases struggle in your life. If you have mole below your nose then person does not make relation even though he wants to do. Mole on forehead denotes you have to do struggle in starting. But you’ll become rich later on. Mole on lips denotes their nature is romantic. They fall in love every day.

Mole on other body parts: Mole on the middle of the palm denotes you will have too much prosperity in your life. But if it is on any mountain or on finger then it gives you bad luck. If there is a mole on bottom of your leg then it takes you away from the home and gives big success. Mole on chest denotes you’ll have to face family issues. Mole on stomach gives you too much money however it creates health problems.

Red mole: Red mole gives prosperity and bad luck. Red mole on face creates problem in marital life and bad luck. If they are on your hands then you’ll be financially strong. If red mole is on your chest then you will go to foreign and earn good money. Red mole on back denotes you’ll become head of the army.

Remedy: If you have spot on your mountain of Sun then you will get defamation. In this case, you have to do tilak from that finger.

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