Astro Upay for Successful Journey

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Moon, Mercury and Venus are responsible for journeys. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are sign of journeys. Small journeys occur due to third house of horoscope and long journeys occur due to ninth house.

Astro Upay for Successful Journey

astrology journeys
Horoscope’s ninth and second house relates with journeys. Any planet relates with journey planet then journey occurs.

If Moon is strong then you get happiness from journey. If Venus is strong then you get comfort during journeys. If you take mercy of elders and god then you get success in journeys.

If Moon is weak then you may face problem in journey. You may also face problem if you travel on Dishashul day. You may face problem during traveling when Sade sati comes to an end.

You have to keep yellow or white color cloth with you when you go on religious journey. Keep the image of your dainty with you. You have to worship them. Do not take non-veg or spicy food along with you. Try to start your journey on Monday or Wednesday. Take/buy anything from the place where you go.

If you are traveling for fun/entertainment then male should avoid keeping red color cloth and women should avoid keeping black cloth. Do not start your journey on Saturday. Eat curd before start your traveling. Keep some money on worship place before going on journey and donate when you come back.

You have to chant Sundarkand when you go abroad. Keep silver thing with you or wear silver ring. Keep blue color cloth with you. You have to eat mishri if you do traveling in night. You can eat saunf while traveling in day.

You have to chant chopai for little time. It is “Chalat viman kolahal hoi jai Raghuvir kahai sab koi”.

Extra Remedy: Married woman should offer Sindoor to goddess Parvati before applying themselves.

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