Astro Upay for Bad Habits

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Bad habits occur due to exalted planet. When this exalted planet remains for long time then habits also remains for long time. In this case, we can use special gemstone and send waves in our body so one can get rid from bad habits. You also have to keep your mind strong.

Astro Upay for Bad Habits

Astro Upay for Bad Habits
Alcohol: Normally Rahu and Saturn are responsible for alcohol habit. We can wear such gemstone which can balance both Rahu and Saturn. Malachite is very strong gemstone to get rid from alcohol habit. It has green color and white line. Wear it in silver ring on last finger of left hand on Wednesday morning.

Anger & Speech: Speech and nature affects due to weak planets while patience and good speech receive by Jupiter. Citrine gemstone is the best for anger and speech. You can wear in gold or brass ring in first finger of right hand on Thursday.

Laziness: If Mars and Sun is weak then person become lazy. Garner is the best gemstone for laziness. You can wear it in gold or copper ring in right hand’s ring finger on Sunday.

Lying: Many planets are responsible for lying. However, Moon and Saturn are responsible for this habit. You can use sodalite. It has blue color and white rings. You can wear it in silver ring on left hand’s middle finger on Saturday night.

Extra Remedy: If you are facing problem due to Sade sati and Dhaya then you can see lord Hanuman on Saturday. Apply Sindoor on his legs with your both hands. Female can offer red flower to lord Hanuman.

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