What are Meaning of Dreams - Astrology Measure of Dreams

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Dream means special event or incident in sleep. Dream does not come in sleep. It comes between sleep and wake up condition. Food habits, mental condition and atmosphere works behind dreams. Different dreams come on different time and person.

What are Meaning of Dreams - Astrology Measure of Dreams

Astrology Measure of Dreams
Dreams comes those people whose mental condition is weak. A person who eats more in night or anytime they get more dreams. Those whose food and behavior/conduct is not good they also get weird dreams. Dreams also come due to any pressure of person’s mind. Dreams describe person’s mental condition.

Ancestor or dead people dreams indicate such things. It protects from accidents and indicates such accidents. A person whom you love too much and he dies then also dream comes. There is no meaning of this dream. It is the misconception of mind.

Sometimes it indicates such unfulfilled desire of person. You must have to fulfill their desire so that dreams do not come. Do not afraid by this dream. You must have to behave according to it.

If you see any one dead ancestor in dream then it indicates something. You must have to understand that indication. If you see many ancestors then it indicates anyone may face age related issue.

If you see that you are giving something to your ancestor then it means luck will not favor you. However if you see that you are receiving something from your ancestor then it means luck will favor you. If you see accident or health issue with your ancestor then it means you will be protected from accidents.

You must have to chant Shiva-Shiva or Hari-Hari before taking sleep. You should keep your head towards east or south while sleeping. Do not keep image or heavy stuff on your head side. When you see bad dream then donate pulse in the morning.

Extra Remedy: If Saturn is good in your horoscope then you can keep black shoes, black belt and black purse with you.

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