Remedies to Recover from Bad Effects of All Planets

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Planets in such positions make them good or bad. They give special and important results. When planets are in exaltation position then it affects good and bad results of horoscope. Even one exaltation planet also changes everything. It is believed that exaltation planet gives bad effect but it is not every time.

Remedies to Recover from Bad Effects of All Planets

All Planets astrology
Sun: Sun is exaltation in Libra sign if it is on 7th place. You may have eye problem. It affects your health and it is not good for father. It makes you doctor. It gives too much respect when you are away from family. You have to offer water to the Sun and wear copper.

Moon: Moon is exaltation in Scorpio sign if it is in 8th place. It distracts your mind. Disturb the hormones and creates problem to mother. It makes progress in spirituality. You will get benefit from journeys. You will get job in early age. You must have to do fast on full moon day. You can worship lord Shiva.

Mars: Mars is exaltation in Cancer sign if it is in 4th place. It makes person angry. It creates problem in property. It also creates problem in maintaining relations with siblings. They become good surgeon. It gives benefit in administration. They get success from women. You must have to use less salt. You can serve students.

Mercury: Mercury is exaltation in Pisces sign if it is in 12th place. It creates doubts and affects financially. It is also not good for maternal house. It gives too much money from speech and cunning. It also gives benefit in education field. Do not sleep till late night. You can worship lord Vishnu. You can eat ionized food.

Jupiter: Jupiter is exaltation in Capricorn sign if it is in 10th place. It does not give stability. It also creates problem in married life. It takes you near to the god. It makes children capable. Do not speak lie. Avoid eating non-veg and alcohol. Serve your parents and idol.

Venus: Venus is exaltation in Virgo sign if it is in 6th place. It makes person licentious. It gives defamation and does not give happiness. It gives success in film, media and glamor world. You have to take care of your character and conduct. You can worship lord Hanuman.

Saturn: Saturn is exaltation in Aries sign if it is in 1st place. It creates accident. It creates problem in job and nervous system. It gives complete administration capacity and stability from ups-downs. You have to drive carefully. You can do yoga. You can worship lord Krishna.

Extra Remedy: If Ketu is weak then you can add Pandanus water in bathing Water. Your problems will remove.

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