Improve your Memory Power (Age Wise) Astrology Remedy

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Are you having weak memory power? Here is astrology remedy (age-wise) how to improve your Memory Power. Check out the astrology remedy and check how to improve your memory power.

Improve your Memory Power (Age Wise) Astrology Remedy

Astrology Remedy improve memory power
1-12 years: You must have to offer water to the Sun. Chant Gayatri mantra in the amount of your age. Eat at least one walnut and do not drink water until 5 minutes.

13-21 years: You must have to take bath before sunrise. After that chant “Om Namah Shivay” for 108 times. You can eat fruits along with juice of sesame leafs. Do not eat sour food.

22-39 years: Take black grams and raisin and keep it in water at night. Mixed them in brass bowl in the morning. Add half lemon juice in it and eat them. Do not drink water after eating it.

40-60 years: You must have to seat for 10 minutes in front of the Sun while it rising. After that take bath with lukewarm water. Eat pulse and use Shankpushpi. Do not use more oily-spicy food.

60 or more: You must have to worship lord Shiva in the morning-evening. Chant “Om Namah Shivay”. Bow your head in front of the lord Shiva and pray it. Eat fewer pulses. Use more fruits and vegetables.

Diseases & Accident: Do fast on both Ekadashi of the month. Eat one apple by cutting from your teeth in the morning. Chant “Om Hum Hanumataye Namah”. Sleep immediately when you get it.

Ups-downs: Keep almond in brass bowl. Chew 2 almonds every morning. After that drink lukewarm milk. Your memory will increase.

You can use walnut in the morning. Keep almond in water at night and chew it in the morning.

Extra Remedy: If you are eat green vegetables regularly then your mind will become sharp and memory power increase. Your skin also improves.

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