Importance of Sides - Direction in Astrology - Astro Upay

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Side relates with Sun and its light. Different energy created in different sides by light. If we come in connection with sides without knowing the energy then we may have some losses.

Importance of Sides - Direction in Astrology - Astro Upay

Direction in Astrology
East: It is the auspicious and strong side. Whenever you start the work you must have to face on this side. You will definitely get success. It has impact of Sun and Jupiter which gives fame-respect and intelligence. You must have to worship, meditation and study facing east side. If you want good respect then you must have to eat facing east side.

West: It has good energy. Saturn is very strong on this side. Relations, family and happiness affected by this side. Prayers and meditation immediately work if we do it facing west side. Do not eat facing west side as it increase struggle in life. If you sleep facing this side then your health affected and you may face financial losses.

North: It is the side of money and financial benefits. It provides power and courage. It is very good to do work or business facing north side. If you worship for money then you must have to face north side. You will get good success in work if you eat facing north side.

South: Generally people considered this side as negative or bad side. But it gives good health and age. It gives sudden money and progress. If you face and light lamp for Shanidev on Saturday then problem will remove. Do not keep legs while sleeping as energy goes out from the body and you may have health issue. You may have stomach and mental disorders if you eat facing south side.

Ishan: Where north and east side meets it is known as Ishan. It is the side of water and spiritual element. Your thoughts, emotions and mind become positive by living on this side. Do not keep unused or garbage stuff on this side. You can do your special prayer by facing this side.

Extra Remedy: Jupiter is responsible for problems in married life. You must have to worship yellow color’s image of lord Krishna.

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