How Rudraksh Helps in Grah Shanti - Astro Upay

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Rudra means Shiva and Aksh means Tears. It is believe that Rudraksh occurs from the tears of lord Shiva. Rudraksh can be wear as jewelry, for safety, reduce the bad effect of planets and spiritual benefits.

How Rudraksh Helps in Grah Shanti - Astro Upay

Rudraksh Helps in Grah Shanti
There are 17 types of Rudraksh out of which 11 types are important. Rudraksh gives very good effect but it is possible only when you used it properly. You cannot get benefit from Rudraksh if you wear it without its proper use. You may face loss.

You can wear Rudraksh on your wrist, throat and heart. Wearing Rudraksh on throat is very good. You must have to wear 12 on wrist, 36 on throat and 108 on heart. You can wear only one Rudraksh but it must be till your heart. It should be in red thread. You can wear it in monsoon or Monday or on Shivaratri.

You must have to offer it to lord Shiva before wearing it. If you are going to wear rosary of it then you must have to chant mantra on it. You must have to avoid non-veg, alcohol, and onion after wearing Rudraksh. Your conduct should be good so that you can get good benefit.

Check out Benefits and Rules to Wear Rudraksh. :)

Ekmukhi: It is the incarnation of lord Shiva. It is very good for Leo sign. A person whose Sun is weak they must have to wear Ekmukhi Rudraksh.

Domukhi: It is Ardhnareshwar form. It gives very good result to Cancer sign. If you have problem in marital life or mental stress then you must have to wear it.

Teenmukhi: It is the element of fire and light. It gives good result to Aries and Scorpio sign. You can wear it to overcome problem of Mars.

Charmukhi: It is the form of Lord Brahma. It gives good result to Gemini and Virgo sign. A person who has skin or speech problem they can wear it.

Panchmukhi: It is known as Kalagani. You can get power of mantra and knowledge by wearing it. A person who has problem in education or Sagittarius and Pisces sign can wear it.

Chhmukhi: It is the form of lord Kartikeya. Your financial and business will increase by wearing it. If your Venus is weak or Libra and Taurus sign then you can wear it.

Saatmukhi: It is the form of Saptmatruka and Saptrushi. You can wear it when you have worse conditions in your life. You can wear it if you face Shani problems or accidental threats or Capricorn or Aquarius sign.

Aathmukhi: It is the form of Asthdeviyo. You can get Asthasidhiya by wearing it. You can get unexpected money and avoid red or devil eye. You can also wear if your Rahu and Ketu are weak.

Gyaramukhi: It is the form of Lord Shiva. If you are facing problem getting child then you can wear it. You can wear it in red threat.

Extra Remedy: You must have to keep your mouth clean. It weakens Venus. It decreases prosperity and happiness from your life.

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