How Palm Color Reflects your Future - Astro Upay

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You can get important information by palm’s color. Every planet and its lines are in palms. You can know one’s nature, health and financial condition by palm’s color. The best time to see palm’s color is in morning when you wake up.

How Palm Color Reflects your Future - Astro Upay

Palm Color Reflects your Future
Red: If Mars is strong then person’s palm color would be red. They are very angry. If the thumb is small then you must have to take care of your food habits. You have to drive carefully.

Yellow: If Jupiter is weak then your palm’s color would be yellow. It is the sign of disease, anxiety and laziness. They get stress without any reason. You must have to do fast and avoid alcohol.

Black: Whenever Saturn and Rahu gives negative effect then palm’s color would be black. It shows you may have to face ups-downs and struggle in your life. They also do hard work. You must have to donate and serve your parents.

Pink: Pink palm is considered the Best palm in palmistry. It shows strong Venus. When person do progress his palm gets pink color. A person whose palm color is pink since his birth they are very prosperous. They are very arrogant and avoid attraction.

Extra Remedy: You must have to give array to married woman on Friday. It will increase happiness in your married life.

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