How Horseshoe is Helpful in Saturn Remedies

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Horseshoe applies to toe of horse. It is in the “U” form. It makes relation with Saturn and Rahu due to its special impact. Due to its special impact and shape Saturn and Rahu remains in control. You may face problems if you use it in wrong way.

How Horseshoe is Helpful in Saturn Remedies

Saturn is the planet of speed, struggle and hard work. This nature also found in horseshoe. Horseshoe is in horse shoe so it always remains in movement. It constantly abrades to the land so it has magnetic effect. This magnetic power controls the Saturn.

Take old or abrade horseshoe on Tuesday or Thursday. You will get more benefit by taking old horseshoe. Make ring of this horseshoe. Keep in mind that does not apply fire on it. It must be made only by beating. Wash this ring with mustard oil and wear it in the middle finger of left hand on Saturday.

Take horseshoe at your home on Tuesday or Thursday and keep it in mustard oil. You must have to apply it in the “U” form above in the middle of main entrance. Offer incense stick in the morning and evening. It gives your prosperity and happiness.

You must have to chant “Om Shanno Devirabhishtya Apo Bhavantu Pitaye Shanyorabhi Sravantu Nah” for 108 times on Saturday evening before wearing ring or establishing horseshoe on your entrance gate.

Extra Remedy: You must have to avoid look into eye of Shani dev. You must have to see the image which has no eye. It will create problem and you may face losses.

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