Astrology Remedy to Remove Debt - Astro Upay

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You can see your debt position from sixth, eleventh and second place. If the owner of this house is weak or good planets are on this place then position of debt occurs.

Astrology Remedy to Remove Debt - Astro Upay

Remove Debt
If your hand is black or finger rambling then your life spend in debt. If a person has spot in center of his palm then he cannot make progress without debt.

If the sixth place is affected by Jupiter or Venus then you can easily repay the debt. If there is an effect of Mars then you will face difficult paying debt. If there is a Saturn’s effect on sixth place then it become challenge for a person to repay debt. He cannot repay it.

If there is an effect of Rahu-Ketu or weak Mercury on sixth place then person does not have will to repay the debt. If there an effect of Saturn-Mars combination then person get defame.

You must have to check your palm lines or horoscope before taking debt. Do not take debt on Saturday. Do not take debt on month’s 8th, 17th and 26th date.

You can take debt on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Do not fill debt papers with black ink. You must have to chant “Tavdiy Vastu Govindam Tumyamev Samparyet” before signing on the debt paper.

If you are not able to repay the debt then you can do this remedy. Seat in front of the lord Hanuman between 11PM-1AM on Tuesday. Light a 9 Mukhi lamp of jasmine oil. After that chant “Hum Hanumataye Rudratamkay Hu Fat” mantra for 108 times. Do this remedy for long time and you will be able to pay the debt. Also your income will increase.

Extra Remedy: Mercury become strong by eating spinach and green lentil on Wednesday. You must have to donate spinach if your Mercury is weak.

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