Science of Mantra - Mantra and Astrology

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Mantra is the form of such words. You can get many things by worshiping it properly. You can get moksha by worshiping established mantra.

Science of Mantra - Mantra and Astrology

Science of Mantra

Normally mantra is form of two words. One which is comes in and other goes out with breath. You can get more benefit by worshiping it bij mantra. There are two types of mantra. One anyone can chant it other which is for special person.
Every word has color and vibration. The same way person has color and vibration. When words meet with person’s color and vibration then it starts working. Mantra affects first on body then on mind and then on soul. It affects with body’s seven circles.

If there is no coordination with mantra and body’s color and vibration then it adversely affects. Your mind becomes unstable.

You must have to choose mantra by seeing you mental health and elements. Never chant mantra with bad intention as it affects on your own.

Place, time and seat should be one for chanting the mantra. You must have to start it from any full moon day or new moon day. Seat should be white or black. You can use different seat for different purposes.

You can use sandal or Rudraksh rosary for chanting mantra. You can also chant mantra with fingers. Do not touch or drink water for 15 minutes after chanting mantra.

Extra Remedy: Rosary for chanting mantra should be your own. Also the seat should be personal.

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