Improve your Luck with Food - Astrology and Food

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Every food relates with different planets by its color and nature. Whatever we eat the planet gets strength according to it. You must have to eat the food which makes your planet strong. check out how you can improve your luck with food, how astrology is related with food.

Improve your Luck with Food - Astrology and Food

Luck with Food
Rice: Rice relates to Moon. It keeps mind and body calm. If Moon is weak then you must have to eat rice. People who get angrier and stress they should eat rice. But if Moon and Rahu is together in horoscope then you should avoid eating rice.

Lentil: Different lentil relates with different planets. Yellow lentil relates with Jupiter, red lentil relates with Mars, black lentil relates with Saturn and green lentil relates with Mercury. You can eat split red lentil for Jupiter, red lentil for Mars, split black gram for Saturn and split green gram for Mercury. But those Saturn is bad in their horoscope they should avoid lentil.

Wheat: Wheat relates to Sun. Sun become strong by eating wheat. If you want physical strength and fame-prestige then you should eat wheat stuff. Your family relations become strong. You must have to eat it in the afternoon.

Spices: Different spices relates with different planets. They are relates to Saturn and Rahu. If you want to make Jupiter strong then you should use turmeric. Saturn becomes strong by using cumin, clove, black pepper and elaichi. Mars become strong by using red pepper. Mercury becomes strong by using green elaichi and saunf. Problems relating to Rahu can be removing by using Asafetida, thyme and cumin. If you have Rahu dosh then you should use less spices in your diet.

Extra Remedy: Take 1 teaspoon honey and pinch of black pepper. Eat it in the morning with empty stomach. Obesity will reduce.

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