Impact of Flowers Fragrance on your Luck - Astro Upay

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There are many flowers and they have their own fragrance. But very few people know about importance and connection of flowers fragrance with luck and astrology. Here we are talking about how you can improve your luck with using flowers fragrance.

Impact of Flowers Fragrance on your Luck - Astro Upay

Flowers Fragrance
Mallet: It is the flower of summer. Its smell strengthens the Venus. You can get money, property and prosperity by its fragrance. Keep this flower in white handkerchief and whenever you go for work related to money then you can smell it.

Chrysanthemum: It occurs in night. It is the flower of Moon. Mind gets peace and depression reduces by using it. It should be plant near your bedroom. Keep its flower near your bed.

Jasmine: Jasmine has the same nature of Bella flower. Its fragrance is strong. It should be use after marriage. It increases the physical attraction. You should avoid using it your education life.

Pandanus: It is the species fragrance flower. It has two species yellow and white. White is known as Pandanus and yellow species is known as Ketaki. Negative energy can be removed by using Pandanus. You can add it in bathing water. If child’s birth is in Mull nakshatra then you can also use it.

Rose: Rose has the effective fragrance of the flower in the world. Emotions become soft by using it. Love and financial problems can be solved by using rose. Anger will reduce and you can get success by keeping it in pink cloth. You can apply rose fragrance in cotton and offer it to goddess Lakshmi. The financial problems will remove.

Sandal: Its wood has smell. Its fragrance can be considered as god. Mind become stable and confidence increase by using it fragrance. If you do tilak of sandal and offer water to Shivaling then your married life become happy. Depression reduces and memory power increase by using sandal’s smell.

Extra Remedy: Students and during student life one should not use rose. Mind becomes giddy.

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