General Vastu Tips for your House - Astro Upay

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Each part of the home is related to planets. So you can strengthen the planet by making correction to it. Planet which is weak in horoscope then you must have to do some remedy for the corner of the home. If you disturb the corner of the home then planet also disturbs.

General Vastu Tips for your House - Astro Upay

General Vastu Tips
Main Entrance: The main entrance of the home is Sun. You must have to keep this place clean. There must be light at the entrance. You also have to keep sign according to your religion over there. Your sun becomes strong. Yours and father’s prestige will increase.

Drawing Room: This place relates to Moon. You must have to keep this place with fragrance. Do not keep too much stuff at this place. You can keep flowers and painting of flowers at this place. Women’s health and mental condition remain good.

Kitchen: It is related with Mars and Sun. There must be sunlight come in the kitchen. Stuff should be kept in proper way. You must have to keep light red and orange color. It will strengthen the Mars and health of the family members become well. Prestige will also increase.

Bedroom: It is related with Venus. You must have to keep it beautiful, attractive and comfortable. You must have to use cold and bright colors. It increases comfort, prestige, prosperity and glamor in life. If you disturb it then you may have to face problems in married life.

Worship Place: It is related with Jupiter and Saturn. You must have to maintain its purity. Do not keep too many pictures and idols in it. You must have to light a lamp in evening. If you always worship at this place and keep clean then it strengthen the Jupiter.

Bathroom: It related with Rahu-Ketu and Saturn. Do not waste water over here. You must have to maintain air over there. Do not keep open the door of bathroom. If you keep this place good then you can remove ups-downs from the life and struggle also decrease.

Extra Remedy: You must have to feed Khir to poor at your paternal home. You will get sudden benefit.

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