How to Celebrate Birthday - Astrology Point of View

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For any person his birthday is very special. One must have to do such astrology remedy to get good results on their birthday. Learn about astrology remedy for birthday.

How to Celebrate Birthday - Astrology Point of View

How to Celebrate Birthday
You must have to see sunrise on worship Sun on your birthday. You must have to take bath before sunrise and see sunrise. You will get benefit. You must have to worship your main planet, dainty and owner of zodiac sign.

You must have to deity to your dainty with empty stomach. You have to do this immediately after seeing sunrise. You have to serve poor people.

You can wear metals or tie up color thread which is related to your main planet. You have to wear this from your parents, elders or an idol. It removes the bad luck and misadventure.

You can also do such remedy for markesh. If there is possibility of accident in your horoscope then you should donate blood on your birthday. You can also donate old shoes or clothes.

You must have to worship your weak planets and donate such stuff on that day. You can also do Rudrabhisek to get rid of from markesh. If you cannot do this then you can go to the worship place and donate such stuff to its principal. Flow coconut in river or sea.

You must have to donate some money. You can keep this money for an idol, cow or dog that you want to serve. You have to peel off from your head and donate it.

Extra Remedy: If you have financial problems then take cow’s Dug and mix 7 pulses in it. You have to make Shivaling from this mixture and every member of family should offer at least 1 time Gangajal on it.

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