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If there is effect of Rahu, Saturn or Mars on your money place then someone can steal your money. If Mars is too strong then you may have problems but you will win over that. But if it weak then you will lose your money/property.

Astrology Tips to Save Money - Astro Upay

Sometime there is triangle or square on the palm. If it is closed then it would be good. But if it is open or it has some lines or if has some spots then you may have loss of property.

If such lines from mountain of Venus or mountain of Moon comes to the luck line and it becomes low then you may have loss of property/money.

You must have to donate some money to the temple or god. You have to take care that this money will use in good work.

Keep crystal Shivaling and older people of home should worship it with Panchamrut regularly. Take dust from graveyard and mix pulses, potty of cow and curd in it. Make Shivaling from this mixture and worship it.

You must have to worship goddess Baglamukhi. Plant peeple tree every month.

You will get benefit by eating on land. It is called as parthiv bhojan. If this is not possible then seat on the land and do Rudrabhisek.

Take little milk, 2 leaves of basil and clove and memorize that person and flow it in water. Take a dust from that land and tie up in red cloth. Keep this cloth in front of the lord Ganesh.

Extra Remedy: A person who face problems in childhood they may have face problems after the age of 36. In this case, you have to maintain good relations with in laws house. Keep your brother and sister in law like they are your children. Do not do gambling. Flow one copper coin in water on Wednesday once in a month.

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