8 Places Where You have to Light a Lamp in Diwali Festival

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Diwali is the best night to convince goddess Laxmi. According to scripture, goddess Laxmi visits on the earth. So there are many ways to convince the goddess. From ancient times people light a lamp on such places to get special grace of goddess Laxmi. Let us know where you have to light a lamp in Diwali night so that the problem relating to money can be solved.

8 Places Where You have to Light a Lamp in Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival
Below is the list of 8 places where you have to light a lamp on this diwali to bring happiness and to worship goddess lakshmi.
  1. Light a lamp under the peeple tree and come at home. Do not look back after lighting the lamp. The problem relating to money can be solved by doing this.
  2. If it is possible then light a lamp in any graveyard. If this is not possible then you can light a lamp at any temple which is at lonely place.
  3. You must have to light a lamp on the both sides of your entrance at home on Diwali night.
  4. You can also light a lamp at the corner near the home. The problem relating to money can be solved by doing this.
  5. You can light a lamp at your worship place in the home. You should take care of that it cannot be over. Goddess Laxmi become happy by doing this.
  6. Light a lamp under the bail tree on the Diwali evening. Lord Shiva likes the leaf of bail. You can get his grace by doing this.
  7. Light a lamp in the temple which is near to your home. You can get grace of all the god-goddess by doing this.
  8. You have to light a lamp in your compound. Keep in mind that it should light whole night.
Some Remedies for Diwali related things...

Remedy of Black Sesame on Diwali: Worship lord Shiva on Diwali. If you are not able to worship him completely then do one remedy. Take jar with full of water and add black sesame in it. Pour this water on Shivaling by chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. Keep in mind that flow of water would be low and chant the mantra. You can get more benefit by chanting Mahamrutanajay mantra. You must have to offer bail leaf and flower to Shivaling. You must have to do this every day. You may get good result by doing this.

Remedy for Hanuman on Diwali: Wake up early in the morning and complete your schedule and do this remedy. Take 11 leaf of peeple and write “Shri Ram” on it. You can use sandal to write Ram name. You will get quick result if you do this seating under peeple tree. After writing the name make necklace of it and offer it to lord Hanuman. Hanuman considered as the easily praised god in Kalyuga. There are many ways to get grace of him. You can also get good result by chanting Hanuman Chalisa seating under the peeple tree.

Remedy in the middle of diwali’s night: You have to make your body clean and clear means you should take bath on Diwali night. Take Rakatchandan, Raktvastra, Raktabhusan, Raktpushp, fruit, navidya, fragrance, good stuff and worship goddess Durga, Laxmi and Sarswati. This worship fulfills all your desire and saves you from the problems. You can get all the stuff from spiritual place.

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