Importance of Yellow Color in Astrology - Astro Uncle

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You must have heard a lot about the Yellow colour, you must have used yellow a lot in pooja, devoting process. Today, Astro uncle is going to tell you why yellow color is important in astrology and in your life.

Importance of Yellow Color in Astrology - Astro Uncle 

Yellow Color in Astrology
Yellow color is very important in our life. Everyone should use yellow color in their life. You should use it on Thursday. A person remains happy. It is serious problem if child does not have humor.

Children who have less creativity they should wear yellow color clothes. A person who is creative but he cannot use it they also have to wear yellow color clothes. 

They can use yellow thread on wrist. They can also keep yellow handkerchief with them. They can keep yellow color cloth on study table. You can get creativity by doing tilak of turmeric on throat or forehead.

If you love yellow color then you like creativity and logic. But if you dislike yellow then you become more emotional and have less creativity/reasoning. You can wear yellow color thread on wrist. Also you can wear gold.

You can increase your concentration level by wearing yellow color. You have good communication and confidence.

Extra Remedy: If you have earache then you should take medical advice. You can eat sag or green vegetables. You have to serve cow on Wednesday.

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