How to Protect your Eyes in Exam Time? - Astro Uncle

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Children have eye problem during exams. It happens due to shortage of sleep. Many times they sleep when they start reading. Here is some tips by astro uncle, why eyes problems happen and what to do for eyes problem.

How to Protect your Eyes in Exam Time? - Astro Uncle

Eyes in Exam Time
Eyes become weak when the balance of Sun-Moon is disturbed. Eyes affected due to stress. You should do such remedy for it. You should take medical advice if you have serious eye problem. When you have such lines under the ring finger then you should take care of your eyes.

Keep water in mouth and wash your eyes by water. You should do this at least 3 times in a day. You will get rid of from eye problem.

If you get more sleep then you can wear copper ring in thumb or do massage on thumb. Take Saunth, Peeple and Vach and add rock salt in it. Tie it in one cloth and make knot it and smell it. You do not get sleep and consciousness increase.

You can drink saunf tea. You can also get strength by taking papaya and oranges. You should take deep breath and chant “Om Suraya Namah” before reading.

If you feel stress while sleeping then you can apply nutmeg on your eye lids. Take deep breath in-out before going for sleep and memorize your god.

Extra Remedy: If male has less age in such homes then children should avoid speaking lie. You should serve Sun. Keep 5 almond to the head rest and donate in the morning.

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