How to Manage Friendship with Important Work - Astro Uncle

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There are sometimes in life where you have to manage important work as well as the friendship. You can not ignore your friends as they are going to be with you in your good time as well as in bad time. So, here is some astrology tips to follow for how to manage friendship with important work.

How to Manage Friendship with Important Work - Astro Uncle

Manage Friendship
Friends give support in every mode of life whether it is happiness or sorrow. Then question arise whether one need support in exams.

You should think before making friendship and behavior during exams. It may be caused of waste of time. There must be a limit in friendship else you may have problems with it. Do not make friendship for your selfishness. You should see sun in the morning during exams.

You have to make agenda during exams if you study in a group. Peel off 5 Supari form your head. You must have to do yagna of your deity and offer those Supari in it.

You can offer flowers to the Sun. Peel off rice from your head and donate it to the poor. Donate your old clothes and shoes.

You do not get good result if your sun is good and you study with a person whose sun is weak. A person whose Jupiter is good he has to study with those sun and moon are good so that he can get good result.

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